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Flooring & Paneling

About twenty years ago, we decided to enter the then nascent reclaimed wood industry. The primary objective was to source large, time-dried antique timbers for our frames. We soon realized there were many ways we could re-use salvaged wood, and so our sister company, Pioneer Millworks was born.

Since then, Pioneer Millworks has rescued over 20 million board feet of wood from old factories, warehouses, and barns — all re-purposed into flooring, paneling, furniture, and yes, timber frames.

Here you'll find a few photo galleries to give you a sense of how designers, architects, and home owners have incorporated reclaimed wood into their projects. We invite you to explore the Pioneer Millwork's website for details and then contact our design team to help you make your selection.

One more thing you should know, our products are fully sourced and made in the USA in a way that's healthy for you, our employees, and the planet.

FSC Reclaimed Wood Flooring (solid & engineered)

  • Recycled Timbers
  • Barn Siding
  • T & G Paneling
  • Fine Woodworking
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