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Floor & Ceiling Systems | Bensonwood

Floor Systems | Bensonwood

Floor Systems We typically build our homes with two types of floor systems. The first is an I-Joist floor system, the second being the Bensonwood Open-Built floor. I-Joist Floor System: Bensonwood’s I-Joist floor systems are commonly found in our hybrid timber frame homes. These floor systems are well suited for a variety of executions. Floor panels built with our I-Joist System can have dimensions up to 8’x36’, providing you with the flexibility you need when designing your home. There are many advantages to I-joists over traditional solid lumber. I-Joists will not bow, crown, twist, cup, check, or split as dimensional lumber may with time, helping to ensure that your floor remains in good condition long after the home is built. Open-Built System: bensonwood's open built floor systemBensonwood’s Open-Built® second-floor system is our flooring system of choice for all of our traditional timber frame homes. This floor system has a subfloor platform raised above the exposed wood floor joists. Stiff and quiet, these floors offer ample space for installing HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, without impinging on the structural integrity of the floor. Subcontractors don’t have to drill holes and snake wires and plumbing through the frame. Resulting in a home that is much easier to service, update, and maintain over the years.

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