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Featured Residential and Serpentine Countertop Projects - Vermont Verde Antique Serpentine - The beauty of marble, the durability of granite.

Featured Residential and Serpentine Countertop Projects

Vermont Verde Antique Featured Residential Projects Vermont Verde Antique serpentine is an excellent choice for your kitchen or bath countertops. We maintain a full slab inventory at all times, and are locally available at stone distributors throughout the country. As a locally quarried stone, our beautiful green countertops can help you accumulate LEED points for your certification. Vermont Verde Antique is as hard as granite, yet has all of the beauty of a marble. It is naturally resistant to etching by acids, making it a natural fit for kitchens and baths. Technically our serpentine is considered a semi-precious stone - with all of the beauty you would expect; elegant sweeping and swirling veins of white and varied greens, and layered pools of semi-metallic reflectives. Each piece of Vermont Verde Antique is unique, cut by blocks from our quarry floor, sized to slabs, and finished to either a polished, honed or brushed finished. We invite you to explore our distinctive and unique green stone.

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