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ExtremeGreen | Exterior Sheathing

Exterior Sheathing extremegreen sheathing has been designed and engineered to outperform traditional wood, gypsum and fiber cement sheathing panels, not only from a structural standpoint, but also in terms of speed of installation on site, which in turn translates into bottomline savings. extremegreen sheathing is a code-compliant Class A1 fire rated sheathing product and provides unparalleled resistance, not only to fire, but also water, mold and wood boring insects. Essentially, one product that combines all of the benefits of plywood or OSB from a structural standpoint, exterior gypsum from a fire resistance standpoint and fiber cement from a water resistance standpoint. extremegreen sheathing installs with standard tools, methods and fasteners and can be nailed or screwed directly to wood or steel framing. Lap siding or cladding systems can be fastened directly to extremegreen, due to its superior fastener withdrawal capacity, which in turn reduces the risk associated with fasteners missing a stud. Common Sheathing Applications Include: Exterior walls located near property lines Load bearing separation walls Exterior walls in Type III buildings Exterior walls and eaves in wildfire zones Exterior walls and eaves in flood zones

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