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Exterior Sheathing - Premium Insulating Sheathing | BLUE RIDGE FIBERBOARD

Exterior Sheathing - Premium Insulating Sheathing

Exterior Sheathing – Premium Insulating Sheathing Premium Insulating Sheathing provides builders with three primary benefits: Exterior Sheathing Diagram Energy-saving R-Values: Reducing long term home and building energy costs. Highest exterior sheathing perm rating: Allows walls to “breathe,” reducing the threat of mold and preventing moisture-related liabilities. Price stable, year round: Allowing you to bid with confidence. Highest exterior sheathing STC rating: Great sound blocking capabilties – assists in keeping external noises out. Trapped moisture in exterior walls is caused by condensation and water leaks. This moisture can lead to mold growth and other water related problems. Our exterior sheathing products “breathe” permitting the moisture to escape into the outside air. Premium Insulating Sheathing is easy to install and cuts with a knife, saving you time and money. The affordable, price stable product meets or exceeds national and local code requirements and industry performance standards.

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