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Extensive Green Roof "Ornamental Sedum"Extensive Green Roof "Ornamental Sedum"Extensive Green Roof "Ornamental Sedum"Extensive Green Roof "Ornamental Sedum"

Extensive Green Roof "Ornamental Sedum"

Extensive Green Roofs call for plant communities that can easily deal with sun, wind and drought. The system build-up “Ornamental Sedum” leads to an extensive Green Roof with sophisticated design and individual character. The growing medium has a minimum depth of 2.75 in and the vegetation consists of various species which provide a long blooming period and set different accents throughout the vegetation period.

Water and nutrients are mostly supplied through natural processes. Rainfall collects in the Floradrain® storage cells and roots are provided with water through diffusion. Water is also stored in the protection mat. Excess water is drained away by the Floradrain® element.

Sedum species and other perennials are primarily used as a ground cover. The vegetation of “Ornamental Sedum” is obtained by root ball plants. Hand-planting ensures that the design agrees with the landscaping drawings.

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