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ExoShield is engineered to be the highest quality, longest lasting wood stain available. Typical exterior wood finishes do not last, which led us to spare no expense when creating the very best wood finish possible. ExoShield is NOT value engineered.

Using a proprietary blend of Tung oil, UV Blockers, Fungicide and Trans-Oxide pigments, our exclusive marine grade formula provides enduring protection for exterior wood. ExoShield's no compromise finish safeguards the beauty of the natural wood grain so that it remains vivid and consistent while the graying and weathering processes are considerably delayed.

ExoShield uses only the finest components. Tung oil penetrates into the wood and remains flexible when dry, allowing the wood to naturally expand and contract. At the same time the wood fibers are stabilized to prevent checking and cracking. Our Tung oil, sourced exclusively from China, is natural and sustainable. The cost of Tung oil is significantly more, yet it delivers the very best product with excellent penetration and superior coverage.

Lesser stains use Linseed or Vegetable oils which take a long time to dry. Because they never reach complete hardness, they become rancid and promote the growth of mold and fungi. Inferior stains use hugh volumes of low cost solvents which do not penetrate or protect; they yellow with age and have no waterproofing qualities.

ExoShield's premium trans-oxide pigments offer excellent UV protection and long-lasting consistent and clear colors. They are resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents and are non-bleeding. We add the maximum amount of the same UV blocker contained in high end automotive finishes to boost ExoShield's protection power. With added fungicide to prevent the growth of mold and fungi, we have your wood covered.

Our low VOC formula is made in the USA and provides superior results.

Why compromise? We didn't. 

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