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European Copper Chimney Pots |

European Copper Chimney Pots

European Copper Chimney Pots A patented European Copper Chimney Pot meets the highest technical standards through it UL-listing and compliance with International Building Codes. A chimney pot from European Copper provides the finishing touch a fine chimney deserves. Viewed from the ground level, a chimney pot can appear too small if not sized properly. For the best aesthetic results, we recommend selecting a chimney pot that is approximately 15 percent of the overall chimney height. Our copper chimney pots are unique in that they are compatible with both masonry and metal flue, giving you more options and a consistent quality look. KING PROD# EC-O-2447-1 Weight 36 lbs Height 48" Base 24" QUEEN PROD# EC-O-2039-1 Weight 26 lbs Height 41" Base 20" BISHOP PROD# EC-R-2649-1 Weight 47 lbs Height 52" Base 26"

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