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Painting PVC windows and doors - waterborne coatings for plastic, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass.

EURO Textured Finish D-200

* Ask about our EURO Textured Finish D-200 was created for the coating of lineal extrusions (predominantly vinyl) for the Fenestration Industry.The mechanical properties of D-200 are such that a coated surface can withstand the processing through an automated or semi-automated production line. D-200 represents a very large step forward in the development of water based coating technology in general. D-200 is produced by "reacting in" high performance. Most coatings are produced by combining a commercially available resin with a series of additives. D-200's high performance is created by reacting (under high temperature and pressure) over 25 ingredients to create one single molecular structure. The resultant molecule can "sense" the surface tension of the surface and align itself optimally with the molecules of the substrate to create a bond based on "cohesion", in contrast to bonds created through mechanical adhesion. With an exceptionally low VOC (volatile organic compound) of less than 20 grams per liter , or 2.5 ounces per gallon , D-200 is decades ahead of even the most aggressive environmental standards anywhere in the world. The exceptionally low VOC content guarantees that the coating itself will not effect the surface chemistry of the vinyl itself, thus providing no changes to the performance of the vinyl (no brittleness developed over time).

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