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ESBH Steam Boilers

ESBH Steam Boilers

Low Capacities 500 - 4,000 kg/h - High Capacities 2,000 - 20,000 kg/h

The ECOTHERM high output steam boilers are made of high quality steel and are distinguished by their solid, robust and flexible construction, particularly by their operational ease, their easy maintenance and an optimal efficiency. The client receives an economical, environment friendly compact unit, ready for installation. The boilers are constructed for oil or gas firing.

Boiler type ESBH
The type ESBH classical 3 pass flame tube flue gas tube boiler consists of a cylindric shell, the two head plates, the  flame tube including the back flue gas turning chamber with water cooled finned tube wall, the two flue gas passes and the fitting tube, placed either on the right (standard) or on the left. The boiler door is insulated and flue gas proof for burner mounting. The boiler is completely electrically welded and provided with all required inspection openings.
The spacious flame tube with low thermal charges results in an excellent combustion and reduced emissions. The large water content secures an even burner running time and thus reduces the number of boiler starts.

Thermal insulation
The boiler is fully insulated with mineral wool insulation. The casing is made of structured aluminium plate. Fittings and out-cuts are properly rimmed. The flue gas collector is thermal insulated.

High efficiency
Due to the above technical facts an efficiency of up to 90%, respectively up to 95% with economizer, can be achieved with minimal space requirements. Thus continuos working costs are kept low. The sources of energy are used more efficiently and ECOTHERM spares the environment.

Construction guiding,
quality approval
The boiler is designed with all necessary inspection doors. Construction and production is done according to the European Pressure Directive Equipment (PED) 97/23/EC, with CE-conformity.
The quality approval at ISO 9001 : 2000 certification and the quality approval at our factory with our ECOTHERM quality performance department with works certificate guarantees the highest product quality. For installation and operation of the boiler the local laws and norms are to be respected.

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