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Ensinger/Penn Fibre

We’re pleased to offer you an overview of our broad line of Engineering and High Performance Plastics - available for a wide range of applications. Penn Fibre is the largest extruder of engineering and high performance thermoplastics in North America. We have been in business since 1937, and started as a stamping operation in Greenwood Delaware.

Plastic Sheets

Today our largest business is extruded plastic sheet. The plastic sheeting materials include nylon, specialty nylons, thermoformable nylons, Delrin®, Delrin® AF acetal, PVDF, PBT, Ultem® PEI, Polysulfone, Noryl PPO, Hytrel copolyester elastomer and PEEK to name a few. We extrude these materials with a variety of modifiers for color, electrical conductivity (ESD), flame retardancy, UV or heat resistance, and reinforcing fibers. The plastic sheet business is largely stock and inventoried sheets made to standard sizes.

Rolls of Plastic

In addition to plastic sheet we make a wide variety of materials into stock master coils which are cut to customer specified width and shipped as rolls of plastic sheet. This business is completely custom produced (made to order), and typically ships 7-10 days from order.

Custom Parts

Finally, Penn Fibre continues stamping custom parts from all sort of plastic sheet as well as from vulcanized Fibre, Mylar® PET films, UHMWPE, High Impact Polystyrene, PTFE, Phenolics, and much more.

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