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ENRG Panel ™

The Power of ENRG Blanket™ in a Rugged, Easy-to-Install Panel

Powered by BioPCM®, ENRG Panel is a rigid panel system that integrates sheets of ENRG Blanket into a 2'x2' shell. When mounted on a wall or ceiling, the panel absorbs and releases thermal energy to reduce the need for HVAC cooling and heating, providing another efficient installation option.

Easy-to-install 2’2’ ENRG Panels

enable building owners to address applications that require installation flexibility and a more rugged solution. The panel overcomes application challenges and maximizes thermal performance of the space.

ENRG Panel integrates ENRG Blanket

into a rugged, ridged outer shell to reduce power consumption and HVAC run time. In most locales, savings from ENRG Panel will return its fully-installed cost in less than two or three years, (depending on energy cost).

ENRG Panel uses a lock-in-place track

system that can be installed quickly and efficiently on walls and ceilings. Once assembled, ENRG Panel consumes no power and requires no maintenance to provide consistent power savings.

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