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Engineered lumber - LAMCO LFL®

Engineered lumber - LAMCO LFL®

LAMCO Forest Products produces unique Engineered Wood Products called LAMCO LFL® made from black spruce dimensional lumber and LAMFLOOR® for residential or commercial roof and floor decking. Lamco Forest Products patented Double Tongue & Grove Edge and Finger Joint technology optimizes the natural strength of Northern Quebec slow growth trees to produce a full line of structural & architectural solid wood solutions with superior strength & reliability. Our free process recycles all wood residues, making it the greenest in the industry.1-1/2” LAMCO LFL® made of Black Spruce is available in four grades: 1.6E, 1.7E, 1.9E and 2.1E, replacing MSR, LSL and LVL and is available in depths from 2-½” to 16” lengths up to 32’1” ideal for:• Truss Components replacing MSR, LSL and LVL for better plate placement.• Fire code compliant floor joists. • Wall Panels providing longer stronger studs, stronger headers, desirable density and workability easier on equipment and labor with no up-charge for depth or length. • For Manufactured Housing provides a broad range of products for perimeter rail, marriage beams, solid wood joists PET’d (Precision End Trimmed).

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