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ENERJOY® Radiant Heat - Basement

Basement Remodeling is Easy with ENERJOY® Radiant Heat pic2Heat your basement easily, comfortably and quietly while saving 30% to 50% on energy costs with ENERJOY Radiant Ceiling Panels. Here’s why ENERJOY Radiant Heat is the best heat for any basement: No duct work. No noise, no dust, no odors, no cold blow. Energy-efficient....uses only 3-5 watts per square foot. (Compare that to other systems!) Quick response time. Full use of floor space. Ceiling mounted panels are perfect for areas where flooding is a excellent solution for basements or lower levels where code doesn’t permit baseboard systems. Not only do ‘green’ ENERJOY Heat Panels save energy but they are fully recyclable, have a low carbon footprint and, since the panels draw low wattage, they are ideal partners for wind and solar energy sources. Installing ENERJOY Radiant Panels is simple. The heaters flush-mount to the ceiling. Or, for dropped ceilings, use the t-bar grid style panels. All panels install as easily as a light fixture and are controlled by a wall thermostat. ENERJOY ceiling-mounted panels are 99% radiant which means less than a 1% heat loss compared to other systems with convective components such as baseboard heaters, wall heaters or floor heaters. Thermal heat transfer from radiant ceiling panels is 99% efficient; heat transfer from wall or floor room heaters is only about 50% efficient and thereby results in about a 50% heat loss.

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