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The EnergyReports™ Eco-Screen® Edition allows you to engage building occupants by showcasing your building’s energy conservation and sustainability measures. It’s an innovative way to bring your building to life, making its behind-the-scenes workings, both engaging and interactive. 

Designed for a non-technical audience, the EnergyReports Eco-Screen Edition retrieves information from the WebCTRL® building automation system and other sub-metered and renewable generation systems and makes it accessible to those who impact building performance the most - building occupants. By increasing awareness of energy efficiency programs and sustainability initiatives in your facility, people and teams across your organization are encouraged to collaborate around shared sustainability goals.

  • Delivers interactive and dynamic displays of building data that can be shared across the organization
  • Educates building occupants about sustainability goals and progress to drive occupant awareness and action
  • Supports display on a public touchscreen, company intranet, or mobile device
  • Engages facility occupants in energy and water use reduction competitions by tracking real-time usage and cumulative year-over-year savings on interactive dashboards
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