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Energy Efficient Solutions | Eco Options at The Home Depot

The typical household spends more than $2,000 a year on energy bills. With ENERGY STAR®, you can over one-third, or more than $760 on your household energy bills.
EPA estimates that as of December 2014, ENERGY STAR products have helped families and businesses save more than $360 billion on utility bills and prevented more than 2.5 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the past two decades.

Heating and cooling costs the average homeowner about $1,000 per year – nearly half the home’s total annual energy bill. Depending on where you live, replacing your old heating and cooling equipment with energy efficient products can cut your annual energy bill by more than $200.

Every appliance comes with at least two price tags: the purchase price and the cost of operating the product. ENERGY STAR® certified appliances help you save money on operating costs by reducing energy use while maintaining the performance you expect. ENERGY STAR® certified appliances use 5-25% less energy than a standard model.

ENERGY STAR® certified heating and cooling equipment meets strict energy-efficiency specifications set by the EPA. It also uses less energy, helps save money on utility bills and reduces environmental impact. We’ll help you find ways to reduce your energy bills, protect the environment and make your home a comfortable place to live.

Thanks to advances in technology, today’s ENERGY STAR® certified windows, doors, and skylights offer greater savings than ever before with such products as low emissivity (low-E) glass.
Low-E glass is made with a metallic coating on the inside of the insulating glass unit. This lowers the window’s ability to transfer heat and saves energy without compromising visibility.
The low-E coating also reduces fading by up to 75% by reflecting long-wave light rays that carry heat and UV.

Sealing and insulating the envelope or shell of your home — its outer walls, ceiling, windows, doors, and floors — is often the most cost effective way to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. With products such as caulk, spray foam, weather stripping and ENERGY STAR® certified insulation, you can save up to $200 each year – or 10% – in heating and cooling costs.

By heating water only when you need it, ENERGY STAR® certified tankless water heaters save the typical family of 4 more than $95 per year on gas bills compared to a standard gas storage model. Larger families can save even more.

ENERGY STAR® certified gas tankless water heaters also cut water heating expenses by 30%, while providing continuous hot water delivery.
Gas tankless models are a great choice for new construction and major remodeling, but are also becoming popular as a replacement for gas storage water heaters.

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