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Energy efficiency

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Elegance and beauty of cast iron radiators with the distinct energy-saving advantage.

People who live through long, cold winters know that in order to maintain a level of comfort and well being, a good source of healthy heat is essential. Ecorad is seeking to reestablish the warm comforts of radiant heating, combined with pinpoint temperature control thanks to programmable electronic thermostats. The system exploits the cast iron radiators main asset, a heavy thermal mass, to conduct heat through the ambient air. This is vastly different from typical forced air heating, which cooks ambient air to attain the same level of heat, however drying the air at the same time. The thermal mass of the radiator maintains a far more stable room temperature, avoiding the uneven or lack of air circulation experienced in a room heated by simple convection or forced air.

The tangible advantage gained with the radiator system is the ability to set the thermostat at a lower level, which is in line with the main objective of Ecorad, an environmentally conscious approach to comfort and energy consumption. Our decision to reuse antifreeze recovered from the automotive industry in all of our radiators supports that approach.

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