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Target Coatings Emtech EM9300 Waterborne Polycarbonate Urethane

Emtech EM9300 Waterborne PolycarbonateUrethane

Target Coatings EM9300 Waterborne Polycarbonate Urethane is a water-clear, non-yellowing urethane coating engineered to provide exceptional adhesion to wood, non-ferrous metal, fiberglass, stone, cement and carbon fiber substrates. Formulated as a final topcoat for high-end applications such as exterior structural architectural woodwork, beams and window/door packages and applications that require a hard yet flexible coating in high UV exposure environments. EM9300 contains UV reflectors for a finish that is resistant to sun exposure that can cause graying or fading.  EM9300 water based exterior urethane offers excellent water resistance during vertical water exposures.

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