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Emtech EM6500 Pigmented Lacquer Series

Emtech EM6500 WB Pigmented Lacquer Series

EMTECH EM6500 Pigmented Spray Lacquer is the latest addition to our popular EM6000 Production water-based lacquer family. Used as a bright white or tinted base color system, EM6500 offers excellent hiding power on poplar, maple and birch. When used in conjunction with our HSF5000 Primer/Surfacer/Filler our EM6500 creates a high quality finish for MDF and other engineered substrates. EM6500 is top coat rated for kitchen cabinet surfaces, interior furniture, running trim and moderate chemical exposure surfaces. EM6500 is NOW TOPCOAT RATED and it’s BRUSH-FRIENDLY.

EMTECH EM6500 Custom Color Matching. EM6500 delivers water-based custom color lacquer pros trust. As a universal color vehicle EM6500 can be tinted to match a wide array of popular Off-White Pastels, Mid-Tones, Deep and Clear Base color systems. EM6500 Pigmented Spray Lacquer is compatible with water-based UTC colorants for in-shop tinting. Contact us to create the perfect color match you need.

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