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Elemental Clay Pots |

Elemental Clay Pots

Elemental Clay Pots Exclusively from Earthcore and made from the finest clay, Elemental Clay chimney pots not only enhance your home’s exterior, but help in draft efficiency, improving the burn of your fireplace and air quality for the home. Made from high quality clay to maximize the strength and density of each pot produced, our Elemental Clay Pot collection offers various sizes and styles that are both practical and functional. Roxbury - Tall PROD# FTUNI Weight 160 lbs Height 37" B. Inside Diameter 17.5” Roxbury PROD# FUNI Weight 110 lbs Height 25" B. Inside Diameter 17.5” Roxbury - Small PROD# FSTUNI Weight 60 lbs Height 18" B. Inside Diameter 13.5”

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