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For Effective Workplace Design, Embrace Humanity - High-Profile : High-Profile

Effective Workplace Design

For Effective Workplace Design, Embrace Humanity highprofile | September 26, 2017 by Katherine Berger and Lynn Brotman Kitchen and break room designed by Svigals+Partners for Wood Creek Capital Management. CEO and human resources directors know from experience that thoughtful design is critical to an effective, productive workplace. While goals for workplace design like sustainability and occupant wellness have become industry standards, at Svigals+Partners, we have been quietly pursuing another goal for our office projects that we believe supersedes the others: humanity. By focusing on the essential qualities of the people who work in the spaces we design, we produce high-performing workplace and office projects that optimize productivity and employee satisfaction. Focusing on humanity in the design process can lead to breakthroughs for the company or institution over its lifetime. But more importantly, employees are much more productive and creative when they feel a sense of pride, community, and engagement in a space. The future belongs to organizations with the most creative thinkers, and effective workplace design will support and even enhance creativity. The key to unlocking employee potential is to create productive playgrounds — environments that facilitate progress and inspiration while allowing new ideas to flourish — rather than mere work space. To create productive playgrounds for our clients, we focus on two core principles: choice, and belonging.

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