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Education and Training

Training Few programs are as important to the construction industry as training, and no one trains carpenters like the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. For over 100 years, the UBC has developed and improved training programs to develop well-rounded, skilled crafts workers who have built America. We focus on helping all carpenters, whether they've been working in the industry for thirty years or they're just getting their start. Our training programs have grown with our union by combining journey worker upgrade classes with the traditional apprentice programs. By taking advantage of training programs throughout their careers, carpenters keep their skills sharp and become more valuable to employers. Upgrade classes are free to members and conveniently scheduled at local training centers and during off-work hours.Journey level members are encouraged to continue learning and advancing their skills by taking upgrade courses offered by the union free of charge. Upgrade classes are conveniently designed to meet the scheduling needs of working carpenters.