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ECOsilent 5MM

ECOsilent Underlayment for Hardwood, Tile, and any other Floor! 

New England Soundproofing's ECOsilent  is a specially developed resilient underlayment designed to provide noise reduction in floor constructions. This soundproofing option is ideal for condominiums, apartment complexes and office buildings. The addition of ECOsilent to your floor construction will add both mass for improved STC (sound blocking) and resiliency for improved IIC (impact reduction). ECOsilent may be installed over wood or concrete sub-floors or under most finished floor systems including hardwood, engineered wood, stone, laminate, vinyl, tile, and carpet. In addition to being a high performing underlayment, ECOsilent is also environmentally and economically friendly. ECOsilent eliminates environmental waste and allows your project to be greener. ECOsilent is fire rated and has a R-Value of .14. Use ECOsilent alone, or with MLV for  the highest quality of soundproofing.

ECOsilent 5MM is 5mm Thick, 4' wide, and 30' Long Roll.

Other thickness includes 2mm, up to 12mm inch thicknesses.

  • 5mm Thick
  • R - 14
  • Can Thin-Set Tile And Stone Directly To The Product
  • Crack Isolation Membrane Protects Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, And Stone From Substrate Cracks
  • Fast Installation, Just Roll It Out!
  • 4' Wide x 30' Roll
  • 120 SF per roll!
  • $2.05 SF
  • Compatible With All Floor Finishes
  • Performs Better Than 1/2'' Cork 
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