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Eco Plank

Foam Products Corporation's introduction of acoustical flooring underlayment created the groundwork to successfully build significant brand equity for The Silencer acoustical underlayment in the North American market in 1996. 2011’s launch of Eco Silencer HD further built upon this brand equity and began a new wave of initiatives for FPC to become a more sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturer. Eco Silencer became such a popular product that it is sold by two of the flooring industry’s leading national retailers.

A market exists for a growing demand to replace plywood within the flooring, building materials, and furniture industry, and FPC will look to the successful brand equity created through their current line of products to launch a new line of rigid foam products ( Eco Planks ) in order to diversify and grow business. The line will include urethane foam cast onto a number of various substrates and incorporate recycled carpet fibers.

FPC will be targeting the U.S. market. While plywood hits an impressive price point for the benefits provided, FPC feels it has a truly unique niche product that will address an upward trending desire for a plywood alternative. The primary objective for this product is to offer an attractive alternative to plywood, and penetrate 0.025% of the market by the end of 2021, or 1.7 million cubic feet, and double this volume in 2022.

FPC’s Eco Plank (EP) will provide a higher performance alternative to plywood, that offers the unique sustainable product description on the market. EP offers higher insulation values, increased sound deadening properties, lighter weight, warp proof, water and rot resistance, and utilizes recycled carpet fibers. Most importantly, Eco Plank helps to prevent tree harvesting, and contributes a portion of the profits are toward global re-forestation: the vital crusade documented to help fight and reverse climate change.