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DSA Punching Reinforcement

DSA Punching Reinforcement

DSA Punching Reinforcement is a shear rail system approved by ICC Evaluation Service. It is mainly used to increase the punching shear capacity of elevated concrete slabs and slabs on grade without increasing their thickness. DSA rails consist of steel double-headed DSA Studs welded to a steel shape. The steel shape guarantees the correct spacing and positioning of the studs during their installation in concrete as prescribed by ASTM-A1044. It can be applied to both top and bottom installation. When used in elevated slabs such as reinforced concrete slabs or post-tensioned slabs, DSA Punching Reinforcement system eliminates the need for column capitals, thus reducing forming and concrete costs. Moreover, a thinner slab leads to a lower floor-to-floor height and, therefore, to a lower building height or possibly an extra floor. Besides increasing the resistance of the slab, DSA Punching Reinforcement also increases its ductility. Additional benefits of shear rails in comparison to other reinforcement systems are reduced installation time and labor costs. Punching Reinforcement systems can also be used in foundations to reduce the thickness of footings, pile caps and slabs on grade. Other applications, such as DSA rails used as shear reinforcement in beams, walls and other concrete elements, are possible as well.

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