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DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier

DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier is a single-coat, 100% solids, liquid applied 2-part epoxy coating specifically designed for controlling the moisture vapor emission rate from new or existing concrete slabs prior to installing DRYTEK underlayment and decorative toppings. Product #: 4151-000X-2 Packaging Sizes: Full Unit Kit*: 6.5 Gal (24.6 L) Part A – 2.2 Gal (8.3 L) packaged in a steel pail Part B – 4.3 Gal (16.3 L )packaged in a steel pail Mini Unit Kit*: 2.4 Gal (9.1 L) Part A – 0.8 Gal (3 L) packaged in a steel pail Part B – 1.6 Gal (6.1 L) packaged in a steel pail Part of System: DRYTEK™ Available in these Countries

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