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Drone Orthomosaic Mapping: Get Detailed Maps & Data

Drone Orthomosaic Mapping: Get Detailed Maps & Data

Orthomosaic Mapping

Capture huge, hundred-acre properties with precision, detail, and accuracy. We leverage advanced software to stitch together thousands of drone photos to produce high quality orthomosaic maps. See fine details with up to 0.7 in/px resolution.

What is an Orthomosaic?

It's like Google Earth, But Way Sharper

An orthomosaic map, or "ortho", is a single, geometrically corrected image created through the combination of many photos.  Our orthomosaic mapping technology uses the drone's GPS location to capture geo-referenced imagery.  Our software then merges, or stitches, together hundreds or thousands of high-resolution images to create a precise orthomosic map.

With map resolutions up to 0.7 inches per pixel, you'll be able to see individual blades of grass poking through cracks in the parking lot. This level of detail & precision of such a large area is only possible with specialized mapping technology. 

How Big? Calculate Area with Ease

The accuracy of our maps and imagery allow us to measure distances and calculate areas within your property. Know exactly how large a stockpile is, determine the square footage of a roof for repair or potential solar panel installation, or make other valuable calculations about your property.

Farming Just Got Easier

Combine orthomasic mapping with multispectral imaging technology to gain insights on plant health. New drones are capable of providing a Normalized Diffrence Vegetation Index for powerful crop analysys and for data-driven decisions. And all this is provided with centimeter-level precision.


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