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Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is North America’s most plentiful softwood species. It is among the strongest and hardest softwood species and possesses a light rosy color that is set off by its handsome grain pattern. Fir is unique among all softwood species in that it is naturally dimensionally stable, having the ability to season well in position. The tough fiber makes it difficult to work with hand tools. However, it responds very well to sharp power tools and machines to an exceptionally smooth, glossy surface. Douglas Fir is a top choice for structural and decorative beams. Hood Distribution – The McQuesten Group offers green and kiln dried S4S stock as well as green full rough timbers.

Architects and designers have long appreciated the rich visual quality of Douglas Fir and woodworkers have long appreciated its excellent response to fine craftsmanship and finishing. Douglas Fir is often sawn to expose its vertical grain. This is a technique of positioning the log to a certain degree off perpendicular to the saw. This method produces a cut that reveals a uniform straight grain running the length of the board. The light rosy color of Douglas Fir, which darkens over time when exposed to UV rays, is highlighted when vertical grain cuts are utilized.

Premium Exposed® products are graded on an in-house grade rule which exceeds WWPA’s standards for pitch, shake and wane. Our material meets or exceeds the rigorous regulations set forth by the Oregon Forest Practices Act. Each piece is end tagged “Premium Exposed”®. Timbers are grade stamped on end to ensure clean face. Anti-stain and anti-mold treated after being debarked and again when cut to size. Ends are clear sealed.

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