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Northern Quartz exclusive northeast USA Diresco Stone supplier

Diresco Stone

Benefits of Diresco Stone A revolutionary advancement that dramatically alters the previous limitations and characteristics of quartz surfacing. This significant evolution fuses our established superior quality and flawless finish with enhanced technical properties. Our Bio-UV stability permits exterior usage and an advanced harmony between product and nature. Engineered Stone This engineered stone is composed of vegetal Bio resin, and raw Quartz granulates. A unique manufacturing process bonds these two natural materials into an incredibly strong product that is comparable to diamond. Liquid-Proof And Stain Resistant Diresco Stone is the product of a unique process that makes engineered stone incredibly strong. The surface is not porous, so it's impervious to any liquids. Even persistent stains are no match for our stone. Wine, vinegar, oil, coffee, lemon juice, nail varnish and make-up don't stand a chance of sticking to engineered stone. Dimensional Stability and Shockproof Life is about the ability to take knocks, and that's where engineered stone really works for you. It's no coincidence that we call it a worktop and Diresco Stone makes everything work perfectly. Compared with other surfaces, even granite, Diresco exhibits unmatched shockproof qualities. Engineered stone is not just dimensionally stable, it also provides terrific mechanical strength.

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