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DirectSense AIR - Air Velocity Meter (Anemometer)DirectSense AIR - Air Velocity Meter (Anemometer)

DirectSense AIR - Air Velocity Meter (Anemometer)

Mating GrayWolf's advanced hotwire air velocity sensor technology with the incredible capability of mobile and embedded computers, gives you access to the most versatile portable air velocity meters ever available. AS201 Probe in use with Pocket PC Measures Air Velocity and Temperature. Calculates basic Volume Flow Rate in real-time. Extremely easy-to-use. Patented design eliminates cable pull-thru when extending the telescoping probes (eliminating cable chafing/kinking issues). Simple desktop data analysis and reporting with included WolfSense® PC software. Highly accurate (±2% rdg.) for thermal comfort applications (measuring "drafts"), clean room apps (HEPA filters), Laboratory Fumehood measurements & more... Wide air velocity range (0 – 6000 fpm, 0 – 30 m/s) for duct air flow and diffuser volumetric flow measurement. Note; even higher ranges are available with optional differential pressure sensor and pitot tube. Optional software modules for Equal Area and Log-Tchebycheff volumetric flow calculation, or for fumehood face velocity measurement. Optional Differential Pressure, Particle Counts, Relative Humidity and more...

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