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DEF Tank | Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tanks | ZCL Composites

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tanks

ZCL | Xerxes has become a leading provider of DEF tanks in truck stops and vehicle fleet fuel facilities in the relatively short time diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) has been in demand in North America. Many fueling facilities now need to add bulk storage of DEF to meet the growing number of cars, SUVs, trucks, vans and buses with diesel engines requiring DEF. Underground storage of DEF has clear advantages over aboveground storage because of the product’s specific temperature requirements. To ensure product integrity, DEF must not be exposed to temperatures below 12°F [11°C] and above 77°F [25°C]. Using a ZCL | Xerxes fiberglass underground tank avoids the need for protective coatings or linings, special equipment and costly maintenance to protect the integrity of the product. Underground DEF tanks also allow for storage of larger capacities than aboveground tanks, while avoiding unsightly, space-consuming aboveground installations.