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Design Excellence at Stantec - Stantec

Design Excellence

The Five Parameters of Design Excellence Clarity – driven by a clear idea The genesis of each project is a clear idea, founded on an intimate understanding of client, site program, and community history, culture and context. Articulated through diagrams, models and narrative, this storyline defines the projects’ essential meaning. Purpose – a thoughtful approach The focus of our work is the enrichment of human experience and wellbeing. Thoughtful attention to place making, spatial sequence, light, material and detail advance public realm and community building. Discovery – challenging preconceptions through curiosity Design inspires us. With a mindset to challenge preconceptions, we ask the right questions, critically evaluate ideas, and reveal appropriate solutions. Performance – measureable objectives Responsible design combines function and significance. Measurable performance encompasses functional planning, integrated engineering and environmental responsiveness to achieve value, meaning and clarity. Craft – material legibility The idea behind a project is legible through its built form. The attention, care and consistency with which we select and assemble systems and materials bring the project to life.

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