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DensElement Barrier System

DensElement Barrier System

Transforming the Building Envelope- The DensElementTM Barrier System, DensElementTM Barrier System DensGlass® Sheathing or Other Traditional Fiberglass Mat Gypsum Sheathing with Fluid-Applied WRB-AB System Work Faster, Skip A Step. Completely eliminate an additional water-resistive and air barrier (WRB-AB) over the face of the sheathing. No building wrap, fluid-applied membranes or peel-and-stick membranes required. DensElementTM Sheathing GP-Approved Liquid Flashing Different, but familiar. No re-tooling or re-training. It’s a process you already know and a change that makes sense. Save time, labor and materials. AquaKORTM Technology Fiberglass Mats Gypsum Core The Science: AquaKORTM Technology The layered construction of the patent-pending system excels in rigorous lab and field testing. The WRB-AB is integrated within the gypsum core, beneath the fiberglass mat, to create a consistent, performance-tested WRB-AB. High Permeability Engineered for Protection Moisture Forgiveness With its high permeability, the system can mitigate the risk of damage from moisture build-up in the wall cavity and helps protect against mold growth.

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