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DECRA Commercial Roofing

DECRA Commercial Roofing

Metal roofing is specified as a solution for performance, longevity, versatility and design. DECRA’s lightweight metal roof systems are ideal for new construction or renovation in commercial, institutional and residential applications where high performance, long life and low maintenance are necessary.


DECRA Metal Roofing systems provide safety and protection when it comes to nature’s harshest elements such as fire, wind, hail, hurricanes, seismic activity and extreme cold and heat.


The cutting edge technology of the acrylic priming system enhances the superior corrosion resistance of the aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel combined with a 62 year history of manufacturing stone coated steel.

  • 50 Year Commercial Warranty* (first 20 years non-prorated material and labor)
  • Wind – 120 mph warranty. Max design pressure up to -153.6psf (equates to over 180 mph). Refer to profile fastening schedules
  • Hail – Class IV impact resistance (highest rating)
  • Fire – Class A, B, and C fire rated, non combustible
  • Earthquakes – Lightweight roofing fastened with screws strengthens the roof deck to reduce seismic activity failure. Material weight – 150 to 160 lbs per sq. based on profile
  • Miami Dade County Approval
  • Coastal Environments – Salt Fog Tested to ASTM B117
  • Energy Efficient – Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV)
  • Sustainability Attributes – Made with 25-30% recycled content combined, recyclable at end of life, potable water run off, long life, low maintenance
  • Added tensile strength through higher grade steel and panel designs.
  • 26 gauge steel accessories – adds strength and durability to the whole roof system
  • Install Savings - Full warranty when roofing over a layer of material – contact DECRA for specifics
  • Insurance Discounts available
  • LEED Points Available

*DECRA offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on single family residential in the U.S. & Canada.

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