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Custom Soapstone Sinks – Vermont Soapstone

Custom Soapstone Sinks

Custom Soapstone Sinks (802)263-5404 Soapstone: The material of choice for sinks – for centuries. Building custom sinks of Vermont Soapstone is not a new innovation. In fact, custom sinks have been a mainstay for us since our beginning. And for good reason. Soapstone is impervious to chemicals, acid and water, making it an ideal material for sinks. Because of this, there’s no reason to limit your thinking to the kitchen or bath, either. We’ve built sinks for butler pantries, laundry rooms, greenhouses, patios… even garages, if you can imagine that. The sink we create for you will be custom made to your specifications. Your sink parts are machined with precision and assembled using our own special blend glue. The drain opening will be located in the exact position you specify, and will accommodate either an ISE garbage disposal or Chicago Specialty Spin and Lock basket strainer. Whatever use you have in mind, you can be assured that the only thing that might surpass the classic look of your Vermont Soapstone sink is its hardworking practicality. The beauty of custom soapstone sinks. Because all Vermont Soapstone sinks are built to order, your imagination can play a big part in the process. Maybe you want two bowls of different widths, each set at a different height, one with a garbage disposal, the other a bar drain. We can do that. And most any other configuration you have in mind.

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