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CreteStrip Email to someonePrint this pageShare on Facebook CS-Ad CreteStrip is a chemical agent specifically designed to remove tire marks and acrylic coatings from concrete and masonry surfaces in preparation for the application of the Ashford Formula concrete densifier. CreteStrip REMOVES: Acrylic Curing Compounds Old, Yellowed Acrylic Coatings Wazes, Paint and Tire Marks Carpet and Tile Mastic Asphalt Residue Construction Chalk Tape Residue CreteStrip SUBSTANTIALLY LIGHTENS: Oil and Grease Stains Permanent Marker Ink PRODUCT BENEFITS Easy to Apply Works Fast. Does its work in 30 minutes! Requires Little Scrubbing. Works chemically. Non-Hazardous. Safely washes down sewer drains. Biodegradable Citrus Odor. No hazardous-solvent chemical fumes. Low Price. Less costly than many non-hazardous solutions. AVAILABILITY & COST CreteStrip is manufactured exclusively for Curecrete Distribution, Inc. and is distributed through a worldwide network of regional factory warehouses, area sales representatives and distributors. For pricing and shipping information, please call toll free 800.998.5664 or 888.942.3144.

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