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Credit Card Fee Audit & Audit | EF Cost Recovery | Free Consultation | North Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Credit Card Fee Audit

Credit Card Fee Audit: What Your Merchant Service Provider Is Not Telling You Every April and October MasterCard and Visa make adjustments to the Interchange Rates. When they do, Merchant Service Providers (MSP's) develop new campaigns that leverage the rules to their advantage. Either to get more profit from their current merchants, acquire new merchants, or both. All too often merchants switch with the hope of lower costs and better service, only to find that once they go through the pain of switching, service levels go down and costs go up. When You Partner With EF Cost Recovery, Merchant Service Providers Can Never Pad Their Margins With Your Money Again! We are partners with a Highly Specialized Firm, founded for the express purpose of reducing the core processing costs for our clients through very unique and tested techniques. In fact, it is our sole purpose to protect the business owners and NOT the banks. Most importantly, we are not a credit card processor and therefore, have no conflict of interest in representing you. There is no Change or Effort on your part, or the need to switch from your current provider. Utilizing our proprietary Rate Lock technology, we have a 93% success rate in delivering a 8-20% cost Reduction! Our Process Can Deliver Results In 30 Days 1. We calculate your cost reduction in 10 minutes 2. We analyze your most recent merchant statements and validate your cost red

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