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Cost-Benefit Analysis | Black Rock Fireproof Column | Black Rock Fireproof Column

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Stylish Exposed Steel Columns with High Performance Fire Protection Black Rock provides structural elements with architectural impact. At the same time we save owners cost and cut installation time. Factory column fireproofing (eliminating the need for field labor to apply other forms of fireproof coatings). Exacting quality control performed by our in-shop factory professionals. Decreased long-term maintenance costs and the added durability of exterior steel shells. Predictable scheduling as Black Rock Fireproof Column delivers to site completely fireproofed and prefabricated columns, ready for erection. No additional trades needed for on-site fire protection products. Added security and confidence of working with the AISC approved structural fireproof protection of Black Rock Fireproof Columns. At Black Rock we have our own professional trucking fleet of 15 tractors and 40 trailers, which means we can assure on-time building column deliveries. We can also tap into a network of over-the-road trucking partners to meet peak customer demands

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