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Cooling Towers — Pioneer Forced Draft Towers

Pioneer Forced Draft Towers

Delta’s Pioneer® forced draft, counter flow design is available in single module capacities from 10 to 100 cooling tons.

Standard Features

  • Seamless Engineered Plastic (HDPE) Shell
  • Corrosion Proof Construction
  • Forward Curved Centrifugal Blower with Totally Enclosed Motor
  • Factory Assembled for Simple Installation
  • 20 Year Shell Warranty
  • PVC Water Distribution System with Non-clog Large Orifice Removable Nozzles
  • High Efficiency PVC Fill
  • Made in the USA

Detailed Features

All Delta Cooling Towers are factory assembled to the fullest extent possible for ease of installation and shipment. The following features are standard on our Pioneer® Series Forced Draft Cooling Towers:

Shell: A seamless engineered polyethylene cylindrical (HDPE) molded shell, with HDPE blower duct plastic welded onto the shell wall. Shell has an inspection port with removable HDPE cover located above the integral cold sump water level for accessibility to automatic make-up valve and adjustable float.

Sump: Sump is integral with cooling tower shell, creating a one-piece seamless structure.

Water Distribution System: Totally enclosed, non-corrosive, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) internal riser, spray tree/nozzle distribution system. The PVC threaded nozzles are interchangeable and can be substituted, in most cases, with a larger diameter orifice for increased flow conditions without increasing inlet pressure. All nozzles will accept flow rate increases at higher inlet pressures.

Wet Decking and Drift Eliminator: Non-corrosive, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) wet decking and drift eliminator, spirally wound and bonded for maximum film cooling efficiency. Non-corrosive, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hand straps secured to wet decking and drift eliminator sections for easy removal.

Blower: Forward curved centrifugal blower, statically and dynamically balanced, constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel. Corrosion protected with a dipped and baked alkyd finish.

Motor: Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) VFD rated motor with 1.15 service factor, designed for 208 or 230/460V 3 phase 60 cycle operation and suitable for outdoor service. Motor is provided with a 5-year motor manufacturers warranty.

Fitting Connections: Non-corrosive polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bulkhead fittings with neoprene gaskets for inlet, outlet, overflow, drain and make-up (FRT) connections. All outlet fittings for pump suction applications are provided with a vortex breaker.

Hardware: All fasteners are 304 stainless steel.

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