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CoolFlux is an additive for building materials that automatically regulates indoor temperature to keep you comfortable. When it gets warm outside CoolFlux traps heat that would otherwise enter your building. At night, it automatically releases that heat and recharges for the next day.


CoolFlux lowers the amount of energy needed for cooling and shifts that energy use to off-peak hours, like a thermal battery built in to your wall. Simulating a one-story building in Bakersfield, CA using EnergyPlus, we have shown that the addition of CoolFlux can lower cooling energy by 50% over the course of a year. Because the material is priced to only increase the cost of insulated panels by 10%, it is an energy efficiency solution that pays for itself.


We are working with insulation manufacturers to include CoolFlux in their product offering without changing how the materials look, feel, or are installed. Using our proprietary chemistry, CoolFlux will offer the benefits of automatic temperature regulation with no additional layers to the building envelope. Initial offerings will be Polyurethane (PU) and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) panels, with subsequent addition to down-market building products.


In the United States alone, we spend more than $20B annually on electricity to cool buildings. Globally, more than 500 million tons of carbon dioxide is emitted every year for this purpose. These numbers are rising: it is estimated that latent demand is 50 times today’s use, and as developing countries are able to afford more energy, their demand for cooling will increase dramatically. We aim to deliver thermal comfort at low cost with our proprietary MIT-developed inorganic Phase Change Material (PCM) additive, CoolFlux. Unlike market-leading organic PCMs, CoolFlux is made using feedstocks that are literally dirt cheap. This gives it the potential to scale dramatically, lowering carbon dioxide emissions due to cooling by hundreds of millions of tons annually.


CoolFlux integration into Polyurethane produces a flame retardant insulator, improving safety for building occupants.

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