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YouthBuild is designed to help young people complete their education, learn job skills, develop leadership abilities, and contribute to their communities. YouthBuild’s construction training component offers the following immediate benefits:

It provides a marketable set of skills that prepare students for immediate employment.

It offers the type of physical training that appeals to young men who are often under-represented in other job training programs.

It yields tangible and highly visible products of value to the community, which gives students a sense of personal accomplishment and value and brings the respect of their families and neighbors.

On a daily basis, it provides communities with a hopeful and reassuring view of young people playing a positive role.

Many YouthBuild graduates go on to careers in construction.  These careers offer good-paying jobs, do not exclude young people with a criminal record, allow for them to join registered apprenticeships and trade unions, and meet the needs of housing developers who are experiencing a current shortage of construction workers.

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