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Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Systems

ECOTHERM solar systems optimize achievement and consumption. Completely coordinated components deliver maximum profit and maximum operating safety. Our systems are consequently the best initial point if it's about the optimal use of the sun's energy.

The solar collectors are manufactured according to the specifications of ECOTHERM Austria. The quality management system of ECOTHERM is certified according to ISO 9001 : 2008 for sizing, design, production and distribution of solar, hot water and steam systems as well as of pressure vessels and heat exchangers.
The buffer tanks can be manufactured in high quality stainless steel according to the highest European standards as e. g. ISO 3834-2 and therefore guarantee long service life and perfect hygiene. Our own test bench assures the highest quality and reliability.

The following service features are additionally provided by the ECOTHERM engineers at the turnkey solar systems:

Simulation of the solar profits – for every day and every hour in the course of the year

Calculation of the CO2-saving

Thermal and static calculation according to all relevant standards

Economics analysis

Every solar system is individually planned according to our client's request. We provide complete support from design stage, manufacturing, supply, supervision, commissioning and after sales service.

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