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Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Solar is one of the best ways for businesses to improve their bottom line while demonstrating their commitment to the environment. Whether you want to invest in your solar panels and benefit from generous state and federal tax incentives or go with an off-balance sheet solution, Resonant Energy is here to guide you through the process. We package turnkey financing and competitive procurement to ensure that your installation prices are 20-30% below market while maintaining our commitment to quality and service. Resonant Energy assigns every commercial client a dedicated project manager to make your process of going solar hassle-free from start to finish. Power purchase agreement (PPA) A simple way to reap the benefits of solar power without impacting your own balance sheet. Solar electricity sold at least 10% lower than prevailing electricity rates No upfront cost Electricity price stability for 20 years Find out more about a Power Purchase Agreement here. Group purchase For private tax-paying organizations that have the resources to pay for the upfront cost of installing a solar array. Direct ownership of panels Receive the full suite of state and federal incentives for owning solar panels. Most financially beneficial option in the long run Find out more about Group Purchase here. Community Owned Solar Allows anyone who pays an electric bill to purchase and own solar panels in a single, cooperatively

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