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Commercial food waste collection

Taking a bite out of food waste with reliable and effective solutions

Our services for food waste and commercial composting include:

  • Food waste collection/removal
  • Food waste recovery and donations
  • Waste diversion reporting
  • Food waste composting/recycling
  • Education and training
  • Organics dumpsters

Here at RTS, we believe there is a smarter approach to commercial food waste recycling.

Food waste is an unfortunate yet inevitable byproduct of your business, and in an industry where waste is a growing concern, transparency, responsibility, and accountability are key.

Monitor and improve your food waste disposal with RTS

Our LEED-accredited team works with your staff to understand your removal needs and train teams on reducing commercial food waste contamination.

Recurring collections are available to synchronize food waste recycling with your existing operations, and geo-tracking software provides timely electronic notifications to prepare staff for loading as well as inform them when food waste collection has arrived at the organics facility.

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