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Coatings | Soy New Uses


Coatings Green PaintSoybean oil has been used in alkyd resins and as a drying oil for more than 60 years. Oil-based paints and coatings have utilized soybean oil as the binder along with a carrier solvent in both architectural and industrial applications. The hydrophobic nature of soy increases the water resistance of a coating. The double bonds are cross linkable and contribute to the film hardness imparting durability and impact resistance. The C18 carbon chains allow for flexibility in a coating film and can be used to build up the molecular weight. Soybean oil has five fundamental building blocks that are commercially available: Soybean Oil (Triglyceride) Soy Methyl Soyate (Methyl Ester of fatty acids from soybean oil) Epoxidized Soybean Oil (ESBO) Epoxidized Soy Methyl Soyate (EMS) Glycerin Chemists are finding the C18 fatty acid backbone of soybean oil can be derivatized into novel structures to make many types of coatings including: UV curable resins, soy-modified latexes, reactive diluents, functional additives, diacids, diols and polyurethane dispersions.

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