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Elastomeric Polyurea Coatings Perform with Durability, Resiliency, and Versatility Maxguard® is our product line of elastomeric polyurea coatings, which provide many advantages due to their durability, flexibility, high resiliency, chemical resistance, and versatile application. Our Maxguard products contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can be applied in both high-and low-temperatures, as well as on vertical, horizontal, or angled surfaces – they can be applied to virtually any contour to provide a monolithic containment barrier. In addition, within the Maxguard line of products, there are solutions for all types of substrates including wood, glass, concrete, metal, fiberglass, PVC, and geotextile. Our Maxguard products are available in several colors, with factory added pigments and dyes, (and, when necessary), an aliphatic topcoat is recommended for UV stability to manage minor color changes or superficial oxidation. In addition, the flexibility and elongation properties allow the coatings to compensate for substrate cracking and movement. These spray-applied polyurea coatings protect common materials from weather, corrosion, and chemical exposure. They are ideal for protecting metal, steel, polyurethane foams, and concrete containment structures. Maxguard also provides spill safety and secondary containment for chemical applications. Demilec's high-performance elastomeric polyurea coatings cure quickly, are 100% solid, minimize project down time, and can be sprayed year-round. These impact-resistant membranes have excellent adhesion, which protects surfaces, extends useful life, and minimizes substrate degradation. The Maxguard product line includes: Maxguard H-750 Excellent elongation properties Chemical resistant Shore D hardness - 50 Excellent toughness Abrasion resistant Maxguard H-760 Abrasion resistant Hybrids are more cost effective per sq. ft. Corrosion resistant Chemical resistant Provides structural reinforcement Maxguard H-790-NH Corrosion resistant Shore D hardness - 80-90 Chemical resistant abrasive resistant Impact resistant Waterproofing qualities Maxguard U-190 Cures rapidly Installs quickly Excellent adhesion Impact resistant Minimizes substrate degradation Excellent mechanical properties Maxguard U-250 Difficult to damage after cured Shore D hardness - 50 Fast setting Excellent waterproofing Chemical resistant Maxguard U-290 Excels in all temperatures Impact Resistant High elongation (700%+) Fills small gaps (

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