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Coating SystemsCoating Systems

Coating Systems

COELAN Coating Systems COELAN Coating Systems are specifically designed unreinforced multi-layer systems to meet the waterproofing needs for foot traffic and vehicular traffic surfaces. The key elements of each system are the Primers, Base, and Finish coats. Each plays a uniquely engineered role in the waterproofing and long-term performance of the COELAN Coating System. The COELAN Balcony System is an unreinforced multi-layer coating system engineered for non-skid pedestrian traffic on Balconies, Walkways, Terraces, Entries, Stairwells, and Pedestrian Bridges. In addition, the COELAN Balcony System can be used for interior floor solutions for surfaces that may require additional protection such as mechanical rooms, laundry rooms, locker rooms, industrial floors, and other areas where moisture protection is a concern. The COELAN Balcony System offers standard colors of Gray or Tan with several other stock and non-stock color options available to add some architectural flair to your non-skid waterproofing needs. The COELAN Parking System offers a variety of Primers to prepare cast-in-place or pre-cast concrete surfaces based on the existing condition. The COELAN Parking System standard assembly is suitable for almost any parking garage, driveway, passenger drop-off area, or loading dock. The COELAN Heavy-Duty Parking System offers additional UV protection and rapid cure to get the facility back in operation as soon as possible. Consider a hybrid using the

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