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Arup has shaped many of the defining urban projects of the modern era, leading the thinking on cities.

Strategic city advice:

By 2050 the world’s urban population will exceed six billion, presenting huge developmental challenges for cities established and new. We are true partners to cities, influencing and shaping the physical, social and economic infrastructure that power city growth.

We have realised for some time that our clients don't just need great designers, planners and engineers. They need a more integrated level of understanding before they invest in a new stadium, art gallery, metro system or highway development. We provide insights formulated from over 70 years spent developing every aspect of the modern city, ensuring clients across the public and private sector make the soundest investments and achieve the highest quality results.

Arup takes an innovative approach to every aspect of city development and improvement, from resilience to lighting and climate change to mobility. We bring together technical expertise, new funding and policy instruments, backed by research into the relevant socio-economic trends. 

Read our Cities Alive research to discover many of the insights our work has produced. We are committed to working with partners for positive change. Whether it’s supporting research into new production paradigms like the circular economy, improving cities’ resource efficiency, or helping cities understand their exposure to climate change, Arup is at the forefront of the latest city thinking.

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