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CFP60″s® is a line of 60-inch-wide hardwood plywood from Columbia Forest Products. Produced on Columbia’s innovative, new proprietary production line, these five-foot-wide panels can dramatically improve yield and reduce labor costs… which just happens to help improve profits. In fact, they’re the ideal option for manufacturers looking to lower raw material and labor costs, as well as reduce waste.

Of course, having greater yield doesn’t mean much without quality. And like all Columbia products, CFP60″s are of superior quality. They’re available with either particleboard or MDF cores and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. Plus, they’re available with most major rotary and plain sliced veneers, as well as paper backing, for options that make them perfect for almost any project.

And with optimizing software, CFP sales reps and product engineers can assist you in determining the right combination of CFP60″s and standard four-foot panels to complete your projects with minimum waste.

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