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Celotex Structodek High-Density Roofing Board | BLUE RIDGE FIBERBOARD

Celotex Structodek High-Density Roofing Board

Structodek High-Density Roofing Board STRUCTODEK® HIGH DENSITY (HD) FIBERBOARD ROOF INSULATION Celotex Roofing PDF Data Sheet | SDS | Guide Specs | Brochure | Learn More DESCRIPTION STRUCTODEK HD is not only an integral roofing system component; it also makes roofing easier with physical properties that generate structural rigidity and dimensional stability. The wood fiberboard composition of STRUCTODEK HD possesses natural bonding qualities, resulting in superior adhesion capabilities. Adhesive tightly grasps the fibers of STRUCTODEK HD without causing excess absorption, providing a solid and secure roof system which bonds very well with many asphalt, coal tar, and cold-process adhesive products. The lightweight nature of STRUCTODEK HD is better than heavier alternatives and will keep the roof load below the specified maximum weight. USES STRUCTODEK HD can be used as an insulation board, cover board, or re-roof/recover board. STRUCTODEK HD is a high-density roofing board and is designed for low-slope applications and systems.

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